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Premium Content: New York Medicaid Managed Care

November 30, 2012 

Quality Strategy for the New York State Medicaid Managed Care Program

In 2011, Governor Cuomo created the Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT) which consisted or provider, payer and consumer stakeholders. As result of their recommendations several additional plans and populations are now in managed care including approximately 60,000 enrollees in managed long-term care (MLTC) plans that provide community-based long-term care services to enrollees who may otherwise eligible to be in a nursing home and in need of more than 120 days of community based long term care services. Therefore, as a result of newly enrolled populations, several of these plans are new and therefore their measurement systems and quality monitoring are not as established as those of the mainstream plans. As such, the goals of the Program, and therefore the activities related to the Quality Strategy, have expanded accordingly. The Quality Strategy will also be updated regularly to reflect the maturing of the quality measurement systems for these newer plan types, as well as new plans and populations that may be developed in the future.…/2012-11-26_final_quality_strategy.pdf

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